Friday, February 3, 2012

The Small Things

This week has been a difficult one. Mason had a cold at beginning of the week, Madison is teething, Ronny had a busy schedule and I just tried to survive. For some reason this week was one of those weeks I was always 10 steps behind where I needed to be. I couldn't get ahead no matter how hard I tried. It seems like I would get breakfast cleaned up with about 30 minutes to spare before I'd have to start making lunch. As soon as I got one mess cleaned up another mess was made. This was one of those weeks I wanted to re-evaluate my job description.

In the middle of it all I started to think this week was never going to end and I wasn't going to make it. Actually there was one moment when I caught Mason playing in the toilet that I thought he wouldn't survive the week but I'm happy to report all of us are still alive and kicking :) Sitting here I think it was the little things that got me through the week.

The daily walks I got to take with a few neighbors, the kids and I got to eat lunch with Ronny one day, there was one day both kids napped at the same time and I got to make an hour long uninterrupted phone call to a great friend, Ronny surprised me and had today off so we spent the day together running errands, yesterday Madison started saying 'momma' while crawling from one room to the next, and out of the blue Mason looked at me and said 'I need you momma and I love you big big big'.

In the end its the little things that get me through the rough patches and make it all worth while.

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