Friday, February 10, 2012

It's Like Night and Day

This week was a breeze compared to last week! My little angel is back; Mason was so good at school and at home! Madison is teething so she has been a little needy but somehow, even with her feeling bad, this week was so much easier than last week.

This week was full of play. We managed to squeeze in a few play dates with our friends from the neighborhood. We even had a pajama day!

A dress ourselves day, complete with our favorite rain boots. (It's not raining) :):)

We even got to play outside.


Both kids had so much fun destroying the play room. Gotta love a messy play room!

Last week was such a struggle for me but this week was such a blessing! It is still so amazing to me how things can change so fast in the world of parenting. One minute I'm pulling my hair out and ready to throw in the towel and the next week I'm counting my blessings and am having the time of my life. I guess when it's all said and done I need weeks like last week so I can appreciate weeks like this week even more. I just hope those weeks are few and far between!

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