Monday, September 24, 2012

A Family Who Walks Together

Saturday was the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition 5K for our area. My family (the ones who could make it) got together to walk for my aunt. My aunt is now on her 6th week of chemo is is doing well. She has had several rough days but that is to be expected. 

I love how in the before picture we are standing close and hugging each other and in the after picture no one is touching :) We all got a little hot and stinky that morning, lol!

My aunt was unable to make it to the walk so she and everyone who couldn't make the early morning hours met us for lunch.

My mom, my uncle and my aunt. 

A few of us that happened to be around during the picture taking.

Ronny was on call Saturday so he wasn't able to make the race. He volunteered to keep the kids for me so I wouldn't have to wake them up early. He took them to get donuts and to the park to play. The kids had so much fun spending time with daddy!

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