Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Sometimes I wish I could be one of those people who could live anywhere. When Ronny and I first got married we moved away for home to go to school which made me realize even more I'm not one of those people. I'm always going to live close to family and I'm happy with that. It's how I want it. But, there is a small part of me that wishes I could just move wherever. I have friends who wanted to live by the ocean so they moved, another who wanted to live by the mountains so they moved. Sometimes I wish I could be more free and go, just because, but I'm a Texas girl at heart and being close to family and having that relationship for my kids always draws me back.

Sometimes I secretly don't mind when Ronny works late. Don't get me wrong, having help with our bedtime routine is really nice, and after the kids go to bed is usually when Ronny and I get to spend our time together talking and watching TV. But, when he's not home I usually take a hot bath and sit it in listening to my iPod until the water turns cold then I get the remote and the computer all to myself. Sometimes those nights just hit the spot!

Sometimes when I'm sick, just calling my mom can still make everything all better. Even though I'm in my thirties with kids of my own, my mom still has that mommy way and makes everything all better.

Sometimes I enjoy a good cry. Ronny, after almost 12 years of marriage, still doesn't understand but sometimes a good cry is nice. I'm not talking about the sad something bad happened cry, but the watch a good movie that you know is going to make you cry but you do it anyways cry. Or sometimes I cry because something good has happened to someone, and I won't lie just reading some people's blogs brings me to tears.  Sometimes a nice happy cry just feels good to me.

Sometimes I wish I was a better reader and enjoyed books more. Here lately the only books I have been reading are for Bible study and other discussion books with friends. I'm a movie geek. I love movies! Most of the time Ronny and I joke if the book is any good they'll end up making a movie anyways. (I know that is a little backwards for some people but it's just how we are) Now, because of that there have been a few books I have read in anticipation for the movie, Twilight, The Help and a few Nicolas Sparks books being examples. But, I do wish I could/would read more.

Sometimes the satisfaction of out witting my three year old is pure excitement. I know this sounds a little silly, after all I am in my thirties so why should it excite me to outsmart a three year old?! I can not get Mason to eat vegetables to save his life for mine. He will not eat them! So for a while now I've been hiding them in his pancakes, drinks etc. He has no idea. I know this concept is not new and I have a lot of friends who do this but to me it feels like I have won the battle, and he doesn't even know it!! Ok, after writing this it sounds so silly to me but it does somehow make me feel satisfied and good especially when he asks for my 'special' pancakes for breakfast or my 'special' shake. It's the small things right?!?

Sometimes, when our schedule allows, I'll save all my folding and putting away of laundry until nap time or between the hours of 1-3pm so I can watch Beverly Hills 90210. Okay, I never thought I would admit that :):)

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