Thursday, January 26, 2012

A New Pair of Shoes

To anyone else, these are just a pair of shoes. To the little boy who wears them, they are a really cool pair of car shoes that light up. To mamma, they are one of many signs of growing independence.

 A few weeks ago we had to get Mason some new shoes. This shopping trip was the first one where little man had his own mind and his own opinion about everything. He walked into the store and he took over. Prior to now I could still pick out what I liked and that's what we got, he could care less. Those days are long gone I'm afraid. He found what he wanted and nothing else was going to work.

Not only does he have a new pair of shoes that he picked out himself, but overnight he can now put them on himself. Another sign of independence I wasn't ready for. It's not that I enjoy putting his shoes on, but it all hit so fast. One minute he's my little two year old who needed me for everything, and now he's my three year old who has an opinion about things and doesn't need mamma as much.

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