Sunday, December 4, 2011


I love Christmas for many reasons, one of them being the traditions. A few years after I got married my mom, sister and I would get together every year to bake cookies. What started out as 4 or 5 different kinds has now grown to about 19 different kinds of cookies. Let me just clarify, not dozen but kinds. Many of them we make multiple dozens. That being said it is about a 2 day process of non stop baking. But, when we are done we have an assortment of goodies that we divide between the three of us and pass out as gifts during the holidays. I usually make a tin for Mason's teachers and Ronny takes a few to work. This year I have a total of 11 tins we are going to pass out. It is a lot of work and I'm not that fond of baking. I do it if I have to but it's not something I necessarily enjoy and look forward to. I do however, enjoy the time I spend with my mom and sister. We laugh and talk and enjoy each others company. That is the part I look forward to each year. It helps people get excited about their tin of cookies too :) But, more than anything it is the memories I have of the three of us spending time together. I look forward to the day I get to include Madison. I hope this is a tradition that keeps going.

I had to add this picture. They were all dressed up to go to Mason's Christmas Program at church. I love these guys!!

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